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Hostalion offers training to proffessionals in the hospitality sector.
We have long-term academic courses and training courses of 1 day or several weeks depending on the subject.
Participants also benefit from sharing experiences with people from other organizations and gain a new perspective on common problems.
Our learning methodology is focused on enhancing individual and group interaction while maximizing learning.
Methodology used: Group works, Individual and team exercises, Role-playing, One-to-one and group discussions. Case studies, simulations and small projects.

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Our Hospitality Business Management program is all about preparing you for your next big step in the world of hospitality by equipping you with higher skill sets.


Our intensive courses are aimed to create, assimilate and disseminate knowledge through research, consultancy and teaching in order to complete the training of professionals, empowering them with critical and analytical capacity, and the ability to effect changes that lead to improvements within our sector. 


HOSTALION International Hospitality Management School is committed to continuously improving both the quality of education as well as the standard of training at all levels.


HOSTALION International Hospitality Management School can train all staff in hotels and restaurant chains once per week, during 6 months.


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